Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Senator Edwards Endorses Senator Obama

Today, Wednesday May 14th, 2008, former Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee John Edwards announced his endorsement of Senator Barack Obama at a packed rally in Flint, MI. Senator Edwards used the occasion to re-iterate the key issues that his own Presidential campaign highlighted, national health care, equal educational funding, poverty, and hunger. In a sometimes crusader voice and tone, Senator Edwards took the time to shine a favorable light on Senator Clinton before extolling the virtues of Senator Obama and the hope and promise for the revitalization of the American Dream.

John Edwards, (D), NC, spoke of a country that has spiraled into a country of two classes, the privileged and the rest of the citizens. Mr. Edwards spoke of An America where those who are better off economically receive the best educational opportunities while the small town and inner city residents settle for a less than acceptable education. The packed house responded with partisan cheers as Mr. Edwards rallied them with a thick Southern accent while speaking of the immorality of Hunger and Poverty existing in American and pledged that as President, Mr. Obama would share a commitment to cut poverty in half within four years.

Senator Edwards seemed to be laying down the Democratic Platform as it should come out of the Convention. A platform based on the core principals of the heart and soul of the Democratic Party, not a muddled middle of the road type of Democratic Platform, but a platform that aims directly at the issues that the Democratic Party embraced in the past. Senator Edwards spoke of commitments to ending the war, caring for veterans, ending poverty, equal health care for all, and livable wages were all subjects that the campaign of Mr. Obama would stand for in their message of change.

In acknowledging the endorsement, Senator Obama emphasized that the changes Mr. Edwards spoke of were changes that his candidacy would strive to achieve and accomplish. An enthusiastic crowd heard the true message of the traditional Democratic Party, a message of hope, change, equality and fairness, a startle contrast to the message of fear and desperation that the Republican nominee is delivering in recent days. This rally may one day be looked upon as the beginning of Senator Obama's Campaign for the General Election.

Although Senator Edwards only holds 19 delegates that he can release at the Convention to vote for Senator Obama, his bigger contribution will be to hold the nominee of the Democratic Party to the moral compass of the Party. If Mr. Edwards can play a role in delivering from the Convention a solid platform of Democratic Party principals and convictions his endorsement will be secondary. A strong platform based on the core values of the Democratic Party must be presented to the voters as a sharp contrast to the Platform of tax breaks for the rich, continuing failed foreign policies, and fear, that the Republicans will present for their candidate. If the reemergence of Senator Edwards in the Presidential race of 2008 is to have a positive impact on the Historical campaign of Senator Obama it should be one that reminds Democrats that the Democratic Party must stand on the principals that the grass roots of the party hope to achieve on a National Level. Mr. Edwards and every Democratic office holder need to spend as much time on the campaign trail as the candidate will from now until November's election day to insure that the ideas, aspirations and ideals of the Democratic Party are delivered in a clear, concise manner.

Today’s Tidbit
GW Bush gave up golf to support the troops according to a statement in made in an online interview with Politico and Yahoo news. It wouldn’t be that he gave up golf at the same time he gave up running because of a knee injury, would it? The lies and deception will end on January 20th, 2009.

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