Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Senator Obama - The People Need Action

As Senator Obama closes in on being the Democratic Presidential Nominee it is time that the Senator took a stand on the energy crisis. Mr. Obama is a sitting Senator and has the power right now to show his leadership by introducing legislation to immediately impact the energy crisis that is tearing at the fabric of the working class and will very shortly become a National disaster. With oil approaching $140 a barrel and predictions of $12.00 a gallon gasoline the Nation is in peril right now, today, May 21,2008.

As the leading Democratic Presidential candidate it is Mr. Obama's obligation to put a spotlight on the effects of the price of oil and the devastation that it is and will be causing on the Nation's fiscal health. There is action that can be taken now and for the future. Right now, immediately, Senator Obama can initiate legislation and twist the arms of the Democratic leadership to push it through the Congress. In days the tariffs on imported ethanol can be lifted, this would allow other countries to import ethanol into this country at less than half the price of oil. Legislation must be passed to mandate a higher percentage of ethanol to be mixed with the gasoline by refineries. The mandate must be placed at 20% to start than a 10% increase each year until it is 100% ethanol or another alternative renewable resource.

Legislation is needed right now to mandate and fund that all Federal, State, and Municipal owned building are power by renewable, alternative energies, wind,solar and geothermal.

Legislation is needed now to institute a program to take every streetlight in America off of the power grid and placed on solar power.

There are many other measures that the government can take to stop the spiralling price of oil, but the best way is to enact programs that will retrofit America to live off of alternative, renewable sources of energy. If George Bush's Iraq War can be funded, energy programs can be funded.

Retrofitting every government owned building through the country will create tens of thousands of jobs. New jobs will be created producing solar panels and wind mills and geothermal pumps. Jobs will be created in the supply chain that the producers of alternative energy equipment will use to procure their raw materials. Jobs will be created in transporting all the various products. Jobs will be created for installers, carpenters, electricians, laborers and all the other occupations that support the installation of alternative energy equipment. Jobs will be created for researchers and developers as each company tries to improve upon the existing technology and seeks to make their product better and more efficient than their competitor"s product. Jobs will be created in advertising, sales, marketing, and all the other ancillary industries that support the American manufacturing of solar power.

Within this legislation the American people would like to see a mandate that only alternative energy equipment manufactured in America by American workers from American resources will be allowed to be installed on any building that is paid for with the People's Tax money.

Senator Barack Obama, the people are bitter, bitter that the Congress is doing nothing, something needs to be done now. America is calling out for a leader. A leader needs to emerge now and affect policy now.

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