Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bush Farewell Tour

As G.W. Bush travels through Europe on what is his farewell tour he must recognize the damage that the Republican Bush Cheney Administration has done to the foreign relations between the European Countries and The United States. Throughout his European tour Bush has become reflective, determined, sorrowful, and arrogant.

Some interesting comments have recently been spoken by President Bush on this farewell tour. Recently he commented that there could be another Bush in the White House citing the virtues of Brother Jeb. According to G.W, brother Jeb has fine executive skills as demonstrated by his Florida Governorship.

Then there was the report that Bush wants Bin Laden before he leaves the Presidency. It seems that he thinks that the Bin Laden capture would cleanse his Presidential Legacy. Besides the fact that the Bush Administration policy on the capture of Bin Laden has run the gamut from, get him "dead or alive", to, " I don't really send that much time thinking about him", it now seems that the President feels that the capture of Bin Laden will somehow give him Historical virtue.

President G.W. Bush should not have apprehension of his place in United States History, his Presidency will be duly noted. It will be discussed as long as this Nation stands in Law Universities as the Republican Administration that circumvented the Constitution and broke more laws than any other Presidential Administration. The Bush Presidency will be discussed in Economic classes for as long as this Nation shall stand as the Republican Administration that entered office with a record surplus in the Treasury and left office with a record deficit in the Treasury.

The Bush Cheney Republican Administration will be studied till the end of the Nation in Sociology Classes as the Administration that let an American City and the Citizens of that City drown and remain helpless for weeks, moths and years. The Bush Administration will be discussed till the end in Military Academies as the way to never plan a military incursion into an urban gorilla situation.

The Bush Administration will be disused in Ecology classes, and Urban Planning Classes, Psychology classes, Philosophy classes,Religious classes and in Art Classes. There will be A Bush Cheney Republican Administration Legacy.

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