Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bush wants His War to Continue

On Wednesday President Bush stated," They want to retreat from Iraq and hope that nothing bad happens. But wishful thinking is no way to fight a war and to protect the American people." By this statement we can see that Mr. Bush is still in denial. This was not a war, it was an invasion of a Sovereign Nation and the overthrow of their duly elected government, and the replacement of their government by a puppet regime beholden to the Bush Administration. Exactly what are the American People being protected from? What did the People of Iraq do to America? What did the Government of Iraq do America? Why does Mr. Bush persist in saying that the Invasion of Iraq was to protect the American People.

The Bush War in Iraq was to protect the oil interests of oil companies. Iraq did not invade America, America invaded Iraq. In trying win votes for McCain and maintain his war Mr. Bush said," In a time of war we need a President who understands that we must defeat the enemy overseas so we do not have to face them here at home, and that man is John McCain". Exactly who is the enemy that we would have had to face at home? 9/11 was blamed on 19 Arab Youth, mostly hailing from Saudi Arabia, yet we invaded Iraq. Mr. McCain will certainly lend his support to continuing the Iraq fiasco, but hopefully the American people will not fall for the propaganda again.

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