Saturday, June 28, 2008

Crash on The Levee

The breaking levees that are flooding town after town are very symbolic of the plight of our Nation. The Mighty Mississippi River that runs through the center of our Nation has had enough, and is now over running her banks to flood and devastate cities and towns. The levees have received less and less funding year after year by the Bush Administration, and the result is catastrophe.

The Financial Markets are akin to the mighty Mississippi, the Bush Administration ignored the speculation and manipulation of the markets and they are now ready to over run their banks and drown the American People. The Commodity Markets are driving up the prices of the necessities of life, energy, corn, sugar, and wheat are all subject to the pressures of the speculators who are moving the markets by unregulated trading. The American People will drown in the rising tide of prices that they can no longer afford. Just as the Government response to New Orleans and The Floods of the Mississippi was too little too late, so too shall the response to market manipulation be too little too late. Nero fiddled while Rome burned, our Government is fiddling while our Nation burns.

In the last eight years we have seen the infrastructure of our Nation deteriorate, and we have seen a once prosperous Nation decay into a Nation on the verge of an Economic Depression. Although there are natural economic cycles that cause prices to rise and fall, there are also unnatural forces that cause prices to rise and fall. Unchecked and unregulated trading is an unnatural force that the Government refuses to deal with at the expense of the American People. The People are suffering from these forces just as those along the Mississippi are suffering from the forces of Nature. We have a Congress that does nothing, and an Executive Administration that does not care to do anything.

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