Saturday, June 21, 2008

Democrats Fund The Bush War Again!

Under the leadership of Speaker Pelosi the Democrats have again gone along with the Bush War Plan and have refunded the Iraq War to the tune of 165 Billion dollars. Does Speaker Pelosi realize that the Democratic Platform in the midterm elections was to scale back on the Bush War? Does she realize that the American People voted in the Democrats to tackle the war issue not to acquiesce to the Bush War Plan?

Exactly when will the Democrats in Congress rise up against the poor leadership and demand an agenda that is in the best interest of the American People. If the Bush war was not being funded by the Treasure of the American People would the infrastructure of America be in the miserable shape that it is now? Would the Americans in Iowa be swimming in a flood if their levies had been improved by the money that has been spent on the quagmire of the Bush War?

It is a shame that the Democratic leadership has seen fit to maintain the status quo and not challenge the detrimental course that this Republican Administration has charted for the Nation. This Administration has put Americans in the position of being 3rd world citizens. American Families are losing everything because the infrastructure of America was not improved or maintained by the current Bush/Cheney Administration. Can any American accept the fact that American cities are being lost to floods because of the lack of funding for flood control, and yet there is not a lack of funding to continue the Bush War that does not serve the American People?

The Democrats are quickly losing the support of the American People because of their lack of leadership on the Bush War, the economy, the energy crisis, the credit crisis, the mortgage crisis, the housing crisis, the health care crisis, dramatic rise in food prices, and the safety of the American food supply. Senator Obama will have great difficulty in getting the American People to believe in change when the leadership of the Democratic Party in Congress continues to play the same game of corporate dominance and to hell with the needs of the American People.
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