Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Energy Revolution

This is a pivotal year in American History. After nearly eight years of a stagnant government shrouded in secrecy, America must choose to continue on this path or to regroup and start on the road to a new future. There have been pivotal times like this before in American History, and America has grown as a Nation.

The challenges for the Nation are many, first and foremost America must decide on the way in which we will power our Nation. Fossil Fuels have served their purpose, they were a necessity to fuel the Industrial Revolution, a revolution which changed the face of the Nation. Now it is time to change the face of the Nation again. America must begin a new era, an era fueled by renewable alternative fuels. The Industrial Revolution enabled America to lead the world in innovation and quality, now it is time to lead the world again, this time in Energy. America must teach the world how to power their societies by using and renewing the natural forces that surround us without destroying that which gives us life.

America has clung to fossil fuels for 100 years, it is now time to leave the past and look toward the future. A concerted effort and leadership in the development and deployment of Renewable, Alternative Energy can place the United States in the position to be the world leader in innovation and quality again. An Energy Revolution will bring back quality jobs to America and will keep our economy growing and vital.

A new Government will be chosen in 2008 and begin their reign in 2009, it is incumbent upon the American People to chose a Government that will be willing to look to the future and leave the past being. The new Administration must accept the responsibility of pursuing, guiding and funding a National Energy Program that will see the face of our Nation change drastically and enrich the Security and Prosperity of the Nation and her People. There is nothing that can enhance the National Security more than a new Path towards Energy Independence and world leadership in the development and implementation of renewable, sustainable, alternative energy. A new energy will create new jobs and a new economy that will rival the economies of the Industrial Revolution and the Technology Revolution of the past. The advances in a new Energy will allow for the living standards of Americans to grow again, a new energy will provide an economy that will be able to fund Education, Health Care and infrastructure improvements.

The phony economic stimulus of one time payments must be replaced by a funded goal of Energy Independence and Leadership. Just as the Government of the past eight years did not limit the funding of its priority, the invasion of a Sovereign Nation, so too the next Government must not be limited in its ability and willingness to fund a massive Energy Revolution.

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