Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Focus on Senator Obama

James Dobson the self proclaimed Bible interpreter has challenged some statements that Barack Obama has made concerning the Bible and the Government. Mr. Dobson says that Senator Obama is distorting the Bible. Taking the Bible for what it is, a collection of stories mixed with pieces of history and social guidance for the times that it was written in, can the interpretation of the Bible be anything but subjective?

Even if accept the Bible as some kind of code book by which to live, just by the fact that it is written from a translation of a translation there would of course be subjective interpretations of the writings. The catholic Church does not have the same interpretation of the Bible as Mr. Dobson, is the Catholic Church misinterpreting the Bible or is Mr. Dobson? Because the written word and language is naturally subject to interpretation based upon the reader's life experiences there will always be different interpretations.

It does not matter how, if, or when Mr. Obama quotes the Bible, reads the Bible or speaks about the Bible. The Bible is not the guiding documents of The United States, Senator Obama is not running for Minister in Cheif of the United States, he is running for President of the United States. As President of the United States Mr. Obma will be required to base his decisions and policies on the interpretation of The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of The United States and the legal precedence as established by the findings of law. Mr. Dobson and those who give him media exposure give too much importance to what Mr. Dobson thinks about the policies of the United States as based upon his interpretation of the Bible. The Majority of American Citizens do not want their Government making policy decisions based upon religious doctrine. The freedom of religion provided for in the founding documents is the freedom of American Citizens to practice religion as they see fit, not as a litmus test for the elected officials of our Government offices.
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