Sunday, June 1, 2008

Have They No Shame?

Senator Barack Obama had to quit the Church that he attended for over twenty years because the right wing Republican minions who do the bidding of the ultra-conservatives on radio and television have made a sport out of attacking Trinity Church and the members of the Church. In a Press conference Mr. Obama stated that his decision to quit his Church was not a renunciation of the Church, but something he was doing to take the spotlight away from the members of the Church who have been barraged by the press.

This is sad day in American Politics when a man has to leave his Church because the press and groups associated with the opposing Political views harass members of a Church to get at a Candidate. They have no shame, it is only four short years ago that they ridiculed a purple heart winner at the Republican Convention by wearing band-aids with purple hearts on them.

The same people that keyed in on Mr. Obama's religion are the ones who will stop at nothing to impose their phony moralistic views upon the American Political scene. They preach family values and are on their second, third and fourth wives, they make every list of prostitution, they invest in gold mines in South Africa that exploit workers and invest in Companies that enslave children in Asia, and does not recognize the humanity of woman in Saudi Arabia. Yet they have the nerve to interfere in a man's faith. The sooner the American People removes these people from positions of influence the more realistic political dialogue that can be undertaken.

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