Tuesday, June 10, 2008

House Impeachment of Bush

Representative Dennis Kucinich introduced 35 Articles of Impeachment against George W. Bush in relation to the activities of the Bush Administration. Although opposed by Speaker Pelosi a full reading of the Articles of Impeachment was obtained by Rep. Kucinich and the words were spoken out loud and on the record of the Congress. Finally a Congressman doing his duty under the Constitution, too bad that Speaker Pelosi has to be forced to do hers.

Speaker Pelosi took over the Speaker ship with great fanfare after the last midterm election that installed a Democratic Majority into the House of Representatives, since then the House of Representatives has been controlled by her agenda and Congressman such as Conyers, Wexler and Kucinich have been stifled in their investigations into the violations of the Constitution by the Bush Administration. Speaker Pelosi is entrenched in the corporate, lobbyists controlled form of Government and refuses to pursue justice for the American People because she may fall out of favor with the corporations that fund her power.

With an unwavering commitment Represenative Kucinich was able to get the Articles of Impeachment read on the floor of the House of Representatives without concern for the corporate lobbyist money, because unlike Pelosi, Mr. Kucinich feels it is his duty to Represent the American People and not the Corporate Lobbyist. Mr. Kucinich is a diamond among a House of Coal.

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