Monday, June 9, 2008

John McCain's Economy

John McCain thinks that giving the American Tax Payer a gas tax Holiday (Eliminating the Federal Gas Tax for a set period of time) is a solution to the current economic and energy crisis that is now plaguing America due to the policies of the last seven and a half years. Eliminating the gas tax will save the average American driver about $32.00 over a three month period. Does John McCain actually think that saving the America driver $32.00 will fix the economic mess that his Party's leadership has caused?

America is in this economic mess because the current Republican Administration and the Republican Congress from 2000-2006 looked adopted and pushed the Bankruptcy Bill that was written by the financial industry. A Bill that allows lenders to fix interest rates at levels exceeding 39%. The economic mess was further exacerbated by the wasteful invasion of a Sovereign Nation that destabilized the oil producing region of the Middle East. The Republican Congress and President also refused to invest in the American infrastructure, the American Education System, and the American Education System. While the Treasury of The United States was poured into no bid contracts to execute the invasion and occupation, the Republicans vetoed any investment in the future of America.

Mr. McCain wants to continue the policies of the current Administration and further the tax cuts for dividends and investments, and to once again push for the privatization of Social Security. The same failed policies of the last seven and a half years are the same policies that John McCain wants the American People to endorse for the next four years. President Reagan once asked while campaigning for the Presidency, "Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?" It is time to revisit that question and to look to the future by asking, If John McCain is President, will you be better off in four years than you are now?".

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