Monday, June 30, 2008

Lieberman Embraces Republican Fear

Senator Joe Lieberman (R) representing the State of Connecticut became the mouthpiece for fear on a Sunday news show. Lieberman, a one time Democrat and Vice Presidential Candidate who ran as an Independent with the help of the Republicans is now repaying them by touting the candidacy of John McCain with the often used tactic of fear that the Bush Campaign used so well in the last election.

Lieberman stated that a terrorist attack is likely in early 2009 and the person who can best deal with it is John McCain. First of all unless Mr. Lieberman has some kind of secret intelligence that he gleaned from his constituency in Israel why would he state that a likely terrorist attack will occur? If Mr. Lieberman did receive secret intelligence data from his Israeli Constituency he should be sharing it with the proper U.S. Agency and not be using it as a Political tool.

Mr. Lieberman has shown his true colors already, he is a selfish political hack who only loves the power of being a Senator, he traded in his principals to retain power. He deserted his life long Political Party because he lost a Primary, mow he has joined the ranks of fear mongering liars in order to attain a position in the possible McCain Administration. Hopefully the American People will no longer fall for the fear that the Republicans and the McCain Campaign will use to try to steal the upcoming election. Mr. McCain does not have any special skills to deal with a terrorist attack, in fact his senility may be a hindrance in dealing with the quick decisions that will be needed should the Country be attacked.
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