Saturday, June 7, 2008

McCain Has A Mars Fantasy

John McCain thinks it is a good idea to send a man to Mars. This is his innovative program that he is proposing should he become President. What a Great Plan, surely that will divert attention away from the Blood and Treasure that is being wasted in Iraq. No One will notice that they can't afford to drive to work. The unemployed and under employed will have something to read about as they wait on line at the soup kitchens and food pantries. People will start thinking about all the possibilities of colonizing Mars, just like Mr. McCain fantasied about it after reading a childhood novel, and they will forget all about the future being robbed from them by the continuation of the Bush Administration Policies.

The Bush Administration ran an Administration based on fear, the McCain Administration, should it ever come to fruition, will try to distract the People with fantasy. Senator McCain fantasizes about an Economy that enables the wealthy to contribute the same percentage in taxes as the poor, and all of the burden is left to the middle. He fantasizes about a Nation of Morals promoted by the Christian Ministers. A Nation where the lobbyists on his staff and the companies they lobby for, will write their own legislation, just as the Bankruptcy Law was written by the Bankers.

Mr. McCain fantasizes about a U.S. Military that will squash any Country that does not comply with his Administration's idea of Democratic rule in their Country. Senator McCain looses all concentration when he dreams of a one hundred year occupation of Iraq that will keep the Military budget full of no-bid contracts for the lobbyist on his staff, and keep the domestic unemployment numbers down by enlisting the young and poverty stricken in his army of occupation.

Mr. McCain fantasizes about a Nation that does not tax inheritance wealth so that his family may join the Aristocracy. The American People should pay attention to the fantasies that Senator McCain reveals throughout the next couple of months and ask themselves if the fantasies that Mr. McCain internalizes are fantasies that are good for America. Are the McCain fantasies beneficial to you, or your children, or your future?
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