Monday, June 23, 2008

McCain Wants a Game Show

The presumptive Republican Presidential nominee John McCain offered another one of his daily proposals. The McCain campaign seems to think that if they offer enough proposals they will attract voters. It seems that each day Mr. McCain offers a foolish new proposal. Today the proposal is to offer a 300 million dollar prize to whoever can develop a better automobile battery. The standard that McCain is a battery that will have " the size, capacity and power to leapfrog the commercially available plug in hybrids or electric cars."

Just last week McCain said drill, drill, drill, offshore, in public lands wherever, just drill. That will attract those that work for and are related to the manufacturers of oil drilling equipment, who must have a lobbyist in the McCain campaign. Today Arizona Republican Senator John McCain wanted to appeal to the game show constituency. If Mr.McCain should become President, the National will have a game show host as President announcing the winners of his senseless contests from the Rose Garden.

A cohesive, viable, serious alternative energy policy will require a substantial investment in the Science Departments of America's Universities that will apply the vast scientific knowledge of America to the task of developing, sustainable, renewable energy not by offering a prize to a Corporation that will develop the product for profit without a prize incentive just by the fact that if will benefit the profitability of the Corporation. Mr. McCain is running his campaign like a town crier, calling at to every special interest group. The McCain prize might already be earmarked for a Corporation that a McCain Campaign Staffer is already on salary as a lobbyist. Do the McCain proposals offer Americans any reason to take this man seriously as a President?

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