Sunday, June 8, 2008

The New Republican Talking Points

This week's Republican talking point being pushed by the Republican Senators, Congressman, Radio Minions and the propaganda department at Fox news is that the Democrats are to blame for the rising gasoline prices that are affecting the world. During the week they all hit the same point, open up drilling here to alleviate the rise in gasoline prices.

This short sighted approach is typical of the Republican concern for the future of America, and is typical of the distortions that they present to the American People. It has become a common instrument of propaganda to hit the same point in unison all over the media hoping that if you tell a lie enough times it will become the truth. Liberal Democrats have been calling for an Energy Policy since 1976. In a speech delivered by President Carter on April 18, 1977 he explains that America will relay more and more on foreign oil even as more domestic oil supplies were developed. In this speech President Carter explained to the American People that even though production on the Northern Slope in Alaska was only years away that that would only be a stop gap measure and an Oil crisis was still eminent. In this speech Carter outlined ten points including a cohesive energy policy that would include the development, funding and implementation of Alternative Energy Sources.

Of course the opposition considered this a liberal idea and not feasible, in fact President Reagan cut the budget for Alternative Energy research and development by 80% upon assuming the office of the Presidency. If the American People look beyond the talking points of the week propagated by the Republicans, they will see that the Republicans are not interested in a solution to the Energy situation but only in a solution that will produce wealth for their lobbyists and supporters no matter what the cost to the future of America.

President Carter had the foresight to propose a National Energy Policy with a goal of National Energy Independence in 1977 but was scorned by the Republican Corporatist. Also, in 1977 the Brazilian Government realized the same approach was necessary for the development and economic security of Brazil and they began a program of Energy Independence with a goal of ten years. Brazil reached their goal because the government officials at the time realized it was the right thing to do for their Country. America is still in the same situation that we were in because of the lack of concern, foresight and leadership of the Republican Corporate Party. This week's talking point is a lie, the rise in gasoline prices is due to the Administrations, of Reagan, Bush and Bush.
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