Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Obama and Energy Policy

Unlike Senator McCain who plans on solving the energy crisis by awarding prizes to Corporations for energy solutions, Senator Obama has some clear policy initiatives on his Web Site Reading the Policies stated on the Obama Web Site one can see that Senator Obama gets it, he calls for massive long term investments in research, development and deployment of alternative, renewable fuel sources and the infrastructure to implement them.

This past week we saw John McCain offer two solutions to the energy problem, the first being continue drilling for oil off shore and on public lands, the second being a $300 million dollar prize to the corporation that can develop a better car battery. Mr. McCain seems to be very limited in his vision of the future of energy. Neither McCain solution will have any significant impact on the way America produces and uses energy. Although Senator Obama's policy pronouncements are lacking , at least they have a vision for the future and they see the value of a long term commitment.

During the Oil Crisis of the late 1970's Brazil realized that energy independence was essential for the future of their Nation. The United States also had a President that realized a long term plan was needed in the person of President Carter, but he was blocked by the Short-slightness of the Republicans and sadly by a percentage of his own party. If the policy presentments that President Carter had made in the late 1970's had been enacted, we would not be talking about the future of energy now in 2008, but rather America would have been a leader and exporter of energy.

Senator Obama speaks about the United Sates becoming an exporter of alternative energy equipment and systems, but he must also realize that America can become an exporter of clean renewable technology and by so doing reclaim the trading surplus that this Nation once enjoyed.

The differences are clear, McCain wants to cling to the old fossil fuel system and continue drilling and only offer small incentives for the development of alternative sources of energy by rewarding Corporate development. Senator Obama wants to fund the future.
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