Thursday, June 26, 2008

Protecting The Vote

The Democratic Leadership has done nothing to protect the vote in the upcoming election of 2008. The last two Presidential Election cycles saw questionable outcomes in two States, the first in Florida and the second in Ohio. Which State will be targeted this cycle? It is most likely going to be a couple of Western States that will be used to turn the tide in favor of McCain.

The Corporations that control the voting machines throughout the Country have admitted ties to the Republican National Committee and have even contributed money to them . In 2004 the Corporate CEO of Diebold even guaranteed the win for G.W. Bush, and sure enough a State that used Diebold machines produced a questionable voting result for the 2004 Presidential election in favor of G.W. Bush. The media, who are suppose to be the watchdog of Democracy failed to follow through and investigate the stories of election machine irregularities, and the Democratic Leadership has done the same.

While there is still a bit of time left Senator Obama and the DNC must encourage the Democratic Congressional leadership to quickly assess and investigate all companies that will be involved in providing electronic voting for the 2008 Presidential Election.

The Democratic Leadership seems not to care about the issues affecting the American People, can they at least be concerned about the voting process?

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