Thursday, June 5, 2008

Solutions for A Growing America - Part 4

America has lost the respect of the International Community over the last seven and a half years under the the Policies of the current Administration. The world looked upon The U.S. with disdain after the Iraq invasion and made note of the policy of rendition, occupation, disregard for the Geneva Convention and the falling value of the U.S. dollar.

The next President must reengage the World Community with diplomacy. The U.S. must again become the world leader in peaceful and productive initiatives that will bring a world market back to U.S. products. It must lead the world in disarmament policy and engage with all Nations.

There is a reason that the United Nations headquarters is in New York City, it is because America was a leader in International Diplomacy. The next Administration must again lead America down the road of International Diplomacy. America should become the dominant player in the research, development and application of Alternative Energy, then this Country will have a viable export that the World will need and want. In order for the market t be available it is in the interest of America to have relations with all countries. By becoming the Alternative Energy leaders America, less dollars will go to fiefdoms that produce oil and terrorise the world economic strangulation. The U.S. should become a net exporter of power production, and move away from being an importer.

The incoming President must have a State Department that strives for peaceful economic activity with all Nations and push for labor laws with Countries that we do business with. Americans should not be buying products made with child labor, nor should it be looking away.

An open dialogue with the Nations of the World should be a centerpiece of the next Administration. The Policies must stop the falling dollar and put American Companies in the position of selling to the world.
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