Thursday, June 12, 2008

Things to Think About

Carly Fiorina, McCain's Chief Economic Advisor skirted the boycott of Iran while CEO of Hewlett-Packard with full knowledge that the products were being sold to Iran. Is this how she will advise McCain, by teaching him how to circumvent the system?

The Supreme Court ruled that foreign detainees have a right to court. Bush disagrees. So, at least one of the 35 Articles of Impeachment introduced by Representative Kucinich has now been validated by the highest Court in the land. It will have little impact, The Bush/Cheney Republican Administration doesn't have any use for legalize.

Budweiser is being pursued as a buy out by a European Company. America is On Sale. Thank you Bush/Cheney Republican Administration. With the dollar so low against world currencies ALL American Companies will become buyout targets of the rest of the world. The Oil producing Companies have been buying banks and insurance companies like they are at a fire sale.

Speculators on commodity markets are the biggest reason for the current rise in oil prices. They learned how to do it during the Enron days. Next will be corn, then sugar and right on down the list of Commodities that are traded. A Bush/Cheney Republican Administration would never consider regulations to protect the American People from the vultures on Wall Street who produce nothing and control the cost of products through speculation. The Commodity traders fear the end is near if a honest man is elected President, so the speculation will run wild until January 2009. Hold on to your wallets they are out to rob as much as they can just in case they lose their hold on the Government.

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