Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Where is the Press?

Yesterday, June 10, 2008 35 Articles of Impeachment against G.W.Bush were read into the Congressional record. One would think that the papers all over the Country would lead with that story, but nothing. Barely a mention was made on any news program, radio show or news entertainment show.

The Investigative Press and the real news programs and newspapers have been lost in a maze of Corporate entertainment orientated stories and obsessions. How many hours of broadcast time was spent on the breakdown of a young pop star this year? Investigative News Journalist was a respected and necessary function of the American Political scene, it has disappeared through the Corporate takeover of media outlets. Another instance of deregulation being a detriment the society. Corporations are no longer limited in the amount of media outlets they are able to buy, so Americans are now served by a handful of corporate conglomerates that look at media outlets as money makers, not as a public service, and a vital check on the excesses of Government.

Yesterday the Democratic Senators tried to move on the energy crisis but they were thwarted by the Republicans in the Senate. The Democrats were only able to pass the bill with a 51 vote majority. Did this story make the headlines across America, were there investigative journalist digging into the story to find out who benefited from this Energy Bill being killed during a time of crisis for the American People? Today the Democrats in Congress tried to extend unemployment benefits, the vote failed because not enough Republicans would vote for a little economic relief for the American People? Will this story make headlines tomorrow?

Investigative journalism has been relegated to the Internet, where there are credibility issues and fractured audiences. There are literally hundreds of stories within the 35 Articles of Impeachment read into the Congressional record on June 10, 2008, yet there is barely a mention of even the existence of these Articles of Impeachment. When America had a free press that centered on news this story could not have gone unpublicised.
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