Saturday, June 14, 2008

Will the U.S Leave

The Iraq leaders are making noise about the United States Military leaving Iraq and are actually in talks with the Iranians about a joint security agreement. Will The Republican Bush/Cheney Administration leave Iraq when the Iraqis ask them to leave?

Under the Republican Bush/Cheney war trillions of U.S. dollars have been spent in Iraq, not only to prosecute the war but also to build permanent Military Bases and the largest most expensive embassy in the world. At the end of December the UN mandate that Bush points to as justification for the invasion of Iraq comes to an end. Without a formal invitation from the Iraqi Government to continue the occupation there will not be any viable document that the Republican Bush/Cheney Administration can point to as reason to continue the occupation.

The lives of tens of thousands of U.S. Military personnel and their families have been shattered, and tens of thousands of units of blood have spilled from the veins of the U.S. Military Personnel illegally assigned to the occupation of Iraq. What will have been accomplished when the Iraqi Government tells the U.S to leave their Country at the end of December?

The accomplishments of this invasion and occupation are: over 4,000 U.S. Military personnel dead, tens of thousands maimed and disabled, tens of thousands in depression, trillions of U.S. dollars wasted, a Country left in Civil War, their infrastructure destroyed, hundreds of thousands killed, mutilated, maimed, and disabled. The invasion and occupation of Iraq increased the number of orphans and birth defects amongst the babies of Iraq.

What was accomplished, Mr. Bush? Mr. Cheney? Mr. Republican Senator? Mr. Republican Congressperson? What did the trillions of dollars of the U.S. Treasury buy in this invasion and occupation, it bought death, destruction, upheaval, orphans, disabilities, birth defects, infant mortality, human depression, human grief, and human suffering.

How did you pay for this invasion and occupation Mr. Bush, Cheney, McCain, Mr. Republican Senators and Congressmen? It was paid for with the futures of the American poor, working class and middle class. It was paid for at the expense of the victims of Katrina. It was paid for by soiling the meaning of the United States Constitution.

The Bush/Cheney Republican Administration seized the reins of power when the wealth of America was being enjoyed by more people than ever before in the History of the Nation, when the budget had the largest surplus ever, when poverty was being decreased at the fastest pace in history, when hunger in America was being erased.

If the Republicans are forced to leave the seat of power in 2009, they will leave with the fastest poverty growth rate this Nation has ever seen, they will leave with more American people going hungry than ever before. The Republicans will leave with the smallest percentage of Americans ever able to afford a home, health insurance, education for their children, retirement for themselves. In other words this Administration presided over the sharpest, fastest decline in the economic stability of this Nation's people. They will leave the largest United States deficit ever, the most people imprisoned ever, the highest rate of poverty ever, the lowest health care access ever, the lowest education access ever, the worst infrastructure ever, and the largest amount of poor and hungry ever. The legacy of the Republican Bush/Cheney Administration is a simple one, they failed to protect America, they failed to enhance America, they failed to respond to the needs of Americans wiped out by disater.
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