Sunday, July 6, 2008

Americans Think we are On The Wrong Path

An overwhelming majority of Americans now believe that the Country is headed in the wrong direction. If this is true it is about time. The Country has been heading in the wrong direction since the Republican Administration of Bush/Cheney obfuscated power.

This Administration started by letting Corporatist control the Cabinet. Then the figure head that they decided would be President was too busy playing golf to read the Daily Presidential Briefing on a daily basis. They seized upon the events of 9/11 to push through an agenda that had no chance of seeing the light of day before 9/11. They used 9/11 as an excuse to edit rights, invade countries, plunder the Treasury, curtail aid to cities, states and citizens, to give no bid paramilitary contracts to Corporate friends and to privatize Government functions.

The damage that this Administration has done will not easily be corrected, this is the first sign that Americans now realize the damage to our Nation caused by this Corporatist Republican Administration. Billions of dollars are still being poured into a Country that use to produce 6 million barrels of oil and now only produces 1.5 million barrels of oil. Is it any wonder why there is an Energy Crisis?

The Right Path for our Nation is to get out of the business of occupying Countries and rebuild our own Country. Our Country needs an Emergency, massive re-investment in an Energy Policy that will be sustainable, and renewable. By retrofitting America to a renewable, sustainable energy Nation we will spur on Economic growth that will be unprecedented in the History of Civilization.
A Note to Mr. Obama: You were not given the Nomination to become Republican Light, you were given the Nomination to further a Progressive Liberal Agenda in the spirit of the Founding Fathers. Stop acting like them and stand up for Progressive Liberal ideas.
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