Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Al-Queda Objectives

The Republican Bush Administration has claimed that the invasion of Iraq has protected the American People from Terrorist attack. One of the favorite lines they currently use to justify the invasion of Iraq is that "we must fight them over there, so we don't have to fight them here". It seems as if the Republican Bush/Cheney Administration has failed to watch the playing field, just as they failed to see the imminent attack of 9/11 even after repeated warnings from various intelligence agencies which summarized their finding in the Daily Presidential Briefing.

Just as the Mujaheddin was able to facilitate the Soviet Empire falling into financial ruin, so too is Al-Queda now accomplishing the same thing in The United States. The Stated Strategies of Al-Queda in defeating their perceived enemies are:
1. Overwhelm the enemy
2. Strangle the enemy financially
3. Have the Enemy fight Amongst themselves
4. Stretch the Enemy thin

These strategies were applied by the Mujaheddin in the the 1980's against the Soviets and now now being applied against the USA. bin Laden once commented that oil at $144 a barrel will cripple the USA. Today, July 2, 2008 oil reached $144 a barrel, and it is crippling the American economy, but they are not through yet. The Saudis announced yesterday that $170 a barrel oil is just around the corner and the consumer Nations had better adjust. The greatest threat to our National Security is the financial well being of the Nation. The Republican Bush Administration has failed to protect the Security of the Nation by falling into the plan of the enemy.

The Republican Bush Administration decided to invade a Sovereign Nation whose leader had been propped up by American Corporations and the Republican Administrations of Reagan, Bush and Bush, and aided by an approach of ignorance by the Democratic Clinton Administration. By invading Iraq, spending America's Treasure in a foreign land, and by plunging America into debt to maintain the occupation, The Bush Administration has allowed the Al-Queda objective of financially ruining us. When the Republican Bush Administration took office, oil was $11 a barrel, gas was .87 per gallon, eggs were .79 per dozen, milk was $1.89 per gallon, GM stock was $87, the Treasury had a surplus the economy was in a period of its longest growth cycle ever.

The Republican Bush Administration saw fit to extend our Military to fighting two battles in the most adverse of conditions. The American Military is over extended as evidence by the amount of active tours that they are compelling the personnel to complete. So Al-Queda has been able to accomplish two of its objectives because of the Republican Bush Administration Policies.

The arrogance and self-righteousness of the Bush Administration, especially in regards to the invasion of Iraq has created a rancorous dialogue amongst the opposing views in America to the point of Americans calling Americans treasonous. Al_Quieda objective number 3 has been met.

What is left is for them to overwhelm us. If this Administration continues to contemplate opening another field of combat, Al-Queda may just accomplish their 4Th objective. The Bush Administration has facilitated the objectives of Al-Queda by ignoring the economic health of our Nation and by committing the U.S. Military to battlefields that have already seen the defeat of Empires by guerrilla warfare tactics. The Nation is not safer because of the policies of the Bush Administration, it is extremely susceptible to financial ruin.
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