Sunday, July 27, 2008

And McCain Continues

Today on ABC News " This Week" Show Senator McCain continued to say that Senator Obama's stand on Iraq is political. Mr. McCain even went so far as to say that Senator Obama was pandering to his "base" in order to secure his political party's nomination. The "base" that Senator McCain is referring is the majority of the American People. In various polls a majority of the American People felt that the Iraq invasion and occupation was not in the interests of the Nation and wanted the occupation and sacrifice of our soldiers to end. If Senator McCain thinks that a majority of the American People are Senator Obama's base then he must feel that he represents the minority that supports the occupation of Iraq.

Senator McCain keeps accusing Senator Obama of wanting to lose the "war", but exactly what "war is Mr. McCain speaking of? Does he consider an illegal invasion and occupation of a Sovereign Nation a "war", if so this is an example of the serious flaws in Mr. MCacin's thinking. If he has no regard for the wishes of a majority of the American People, then he has no reason to expect support for his campaign. This Nation was formed on the premise of elected officials representing the majority of the People of the Nation, not a strong arm dictator representing the special interests of Corporations and the wishes of a minority of the People.

Throughout this campaign Senator McCain has made statements that indicate he does not respect the American People or their wishes. Senator McCain seems to be of the same mind set as Vice President Cheney, who when told that a majority of the American People are opposed to the continued occupation and waste of the Nation's Treasure and Blood responded by saying, "So". This is the policy of the McCain Campaign it is a policy that basically says, "screw you people, I want to win a war and by golly I will win a war even if we are not at war." Senator McCain has said that Social Security is a disgrace, his economic adviser said that the American People are a bunch of whiners and that the recession that we are bogged down in is only in our minds. His other economic adviser said that it doesn't matter what the price of gas is, it has no effect on the economy. Senator McCain has proposed a "contest" that will toward the Corporation that comes up with the longest lasting car battery a multi-million dollar prize and has promised to subsidise the coal industry to the tune of 2 Billion dollars a year for up to ten years. Why would anyone consider subsidizing a multi billion dollar industry in order to further a dead energy source. The funding should go towards the development and implementation of renewable, sustainable, non-fossil fuels energy sources. The Oil industry does not need subsidies and neither does the coal or gas industries. The subsidises are needed for the development of sustainable, clean, renewable energy sources. Senator McCain's ideas are old and tired and offer no hope for the future of our Nation. Billions of dollars in subsidies should go towards converting every government owned building on all levels of government into models of self sustainable energy buildings that no longer burn fossil fuels in any form. Another appropriate place to spend energy subsidies would be to convert every publicly owned street light, traffic light and and street sign to solar power. A project of that magnitude is achievable and will save us energy forever and create jobs now. There is no need to subsidize the fossil fuel industry, their record profits can sustain their conversion to clean energy companies on their own.

Senator McCain also accused the Democratic Congress of not taking action on energy by approving off shore drilling. Again Senator McCain lives in the past, the Democrats are looking towards the future, a future free from all fossil fuels foreign and domestic. Senator McCain mentioned that the energy bill is thirty years overdue. That is so true. The Carter Administration funded research into sustainable, renewable energy sources in the late 1970's and the budget was promptly cut and the programs dismantled by the Republican Reagan Administration. If these programs were allowed to grow and develop as they should have been, we would not even be discussing energy today and would not have invaded a Country to secure its oil resources. We can not change the short slightness of the past, but now is the time to look to and invest in the future of our Nation and those that can not see the future and want to continue the mistakes of the past should have no part in the Governing of this Nation.

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