Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bush Claims Executive Privilege

The Valerie Plame case goes on. Now President Bush has claimed Executive Privilege in response to a subpoena for the Attorney General Michael Mukasey to testify before a House panel. Remember when this case first came to light President Bush told the American People that he wanted to get to the source of any leaks and if they were from within his Administration appropriate action would be taken. Well since then only I. Lewis Libby took the fall for the entire Administration and was swiftly pardoned.

Since the release of the Scott McClellan book has shed new light on the events surrounding the leaking of Ms. Plame's name and the new leads are being pursued by the House Committee chaired by Congressman Waxman. However the White House refuses to let the Attorney General testify or release the interviews of Mr. Cheney by the FBI. So again we have the Bush Doctrine of opposites, he claims he wants the answers and then he roadblocks the truth. One Day the truth will be told, and hopefully this will be the thread that unravels the rest of the lies and deception of the Republican Bush/Cheney Administration.

G.W. Bush has made a Presidential career of lying to the American and we need the Congress to dig through the layers of cover ups and find the truth no matter how many years it takes. The Congress must make clear that the Executive Branch of the Government is one of three branches and that no Administration shall ever again govern this in the manner that this Administration has governed. The Congress must uncover all of the abuses of power and see to it that they are all exposed to the American People for the posterity of history.
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