Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bush Fiddles While America Burns

In today's Press Conference (July15,2008) President Bush again maintained his position that the policies of his Administration have been good for the American Economy. Mr. Bush fails to see the reality of the situation. Banks are failing, small businesses are closing, unemployment is rising, inflation is taking hold, energy prices are skyrocketing and the American Family is sinking into desperation, all as a result of the Bush Policies.

The current Banking Crisis is directly tied to the deregulation and and purposeful lack of oversight of the industry by the Federal Government. Since the Reagan Administration the Republican Party and their officials have tried to dismantle the agencies and laws of the Federal Government that provided oversight to the Financial Industries. The result of years of chipping away at the oversight of the Financial Industry has come home to roost. Bank Failures in the United States of America should be a distant memory, but here we are in 2008 and we are on the verge of massive bank failures. The Insurance Industry Lobby has managed to line the pockets of Republican Officials and strip away the restrictions that kept the Insurance Industry responsive to the policies that they write.

Mr. Bush is still claiming that his tax cuts enabled the Economy to grow, it was not the American Economy, maybe he is speaking of the Iraqi Economy where he and his Administration have managed to squander the treasure of generations of Americans. The tax cuts were for the wealthy and did not spur on any growth in this economy where most Americans are underemployed and many are unemployed. The entire job growth during the two Bush Administrations amount to less than 5 million jobs, less than the growth of those entering the workforce. The two Clinton terms produced 22 million jobs and produced a stable treasury free of debt. So what growth was produced by the Bush Tax Cuts.

During the Press Conference, Bush is still pursing his oilman agenda, still insisting that more fossil fuel production is necessary even while admitting that no new oil will reach the marketplace for 7 -10 years. In 7-10 years the Nation could have a virtually fossil fuel free economy if the effort, policy and funding was put in place now. Instead of cojoling the Congress to lease more of America's resources to the Oil Companies, The President should be hounding Congress to fund alternative, renewable, sustainable energy. The Germans had the 100,000 roof program which placed solar panels on over 100,000 roofs throughout Germany. The Brazilians had a program to be gasoline free, and now they are virtually gasoline free, and America, we should still drill for oil according to the oilman Administration of the Bush/Cheney White House. The Future is not in the ground Mr. Bush, the future is in the air, the wind, the sun and the clean renewable forces of Nature. An economy based on burring fuel will be an Economy that eventually burns out, an economy based on sustainable energy will grow and prosper.
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