Thursday, July 10, 2008

Democrats and FISA

It is beyond comprehension that the Democrats would vote for the 2008 FISA Bill that was so desperately wanted by the Republican Bush Administration. The Amendments added to this Bill will give immunity to not only the Telecoms that were prodded into breaking the law at the behest of the Republican Bush Cheney Administration but will also grant immunity to the White House officials that were a part of this illegal wiretapping.

The Democrats complain that they do not have a large enough majority to pass legislation, but they certainly have enough of a majority to stop legislation, yet they fail to act on behalf of the American People even during an election year. Even Senator Obama voted yes on this bill, after which the campaign offered an explanation that he felt voting yes on an imperfect bill was better than allowing the FISA Bill to expire. This explanation is unreasonable. Why would you vote to grant immunity to crimes that have not even been charged yet?

If Senator Obama wants to champion the cause of "change" he must begin with his voting record. Mr. Obama should have voted no on this Bill and offered a Bill that would provide for the legal wiretapping of foreign enemies without granting immunity for domestic crimes to the Administration that has trashed the Constitution with the hopes of achieving an Imperial Presidency.

Senator Obama and the Democratic Party should be aware that 86% of the American People feel that the Country is headed in the wrong direction, do they think that granting immunity to the Administration that has put the Country on the wrong track is the right thing to do?
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