Monday, July 14, 2008

Generation Kill

Last night, July 13,2008, HBO presented the first hour of their new mini series titled "Generation Kill". "Generation Kill", will follow the first 40 days of the invasion of Iraq as seen through the eyes of the First Recon Battalion of The United States Marines. Based on a book by Evan Wright, the series will take the viewers into the minds of the Marines as they invade a Country that they don't understand why they are invading and shows the ineptness of the High Command of the Invasion.

In last night's episode there were some telling moments of what the viewer will witness in this seven part mini series, realistically produced by HBO. In the first episode we see the Marines gearing up for the invasion and trying to scrap together the proper equipment that they were not provided by the High Command. At the PX, the Marines are limited in what they can purchase so they have to send an embedded reporter from "Rolling Stone Magazine" in to the PX to do their shopping. This fact based account finally shows the haphazard way that the Bush Administration under the leadership of Donald Rumsfeld failed to plan for the invasion and failed to provide the Military with the necessary equipment to launch this invasion.

Then there is the Corporate sponsorship of the Invasion. Pizza from "Pizza Hut" arrives in vehicles emblazoned with the Pizza Hut logos for the Marines who are about to embark on the invasion. But the Pizza Hut pizza for the Army is sold to the soldiers for $10 a slice. When viewing "Generation Kill" just keep in mind the propaganda that was going on at home about the Democrats being unpatriotic and not supporting the troops. As the viewer sees the "Subway" truck parked next to the PX think about the way that this Administration sold the war. How many Corporations profited from this invasion, and why was the food services of the Military privatized to U.S. Food Corporations licensees.

In another segment of "Generation Kill" the total disregard for the troops is obvious as the Marines are issued chemical suits in forest green camouflage when they are invading a desert country. Poor planning or total disregard for the safety of our Military Personnel who were sent on a questionable mission without the proper equipment. Was the lack of proper chemical suits a payoff to a corporation that made the wrong suits, or did the Pentagon under Donald Rumsfeld not care that the Marines would be sitting ducks in the desert dressed in green? You decide, who supported the troops, The Republican Bush/Cheney Administration or the patriots who were questing the invasion from the beginning.

Hopefully, "Generation Kill" will open the eyes of many more Americans who are still unable to see the folly of the Iraq invasion and the deaths of over 4,000 military personnel sent on a mission with Corporate Profits in mind and disregard for the Americans serving in the Military.
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