Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Gore Speech

Former Vice President Al Gore gave a speech calling for America to produce every kilowatt of electricity through renewable,sustainable alternatives within ten years. That is definitely the direction in which the next President must lead the Country. A fully funded policy leading towards 100% renewable, alternative, sustainable energy sources is a sure way to correct a lot of the National problems that the Republican Bush Cheney Administration will leave to this Nation upon their welcomed departure.

The Republican response to the Al Gore speech was summed up in one word by Republican Senator George Voinovich of Ohio, "ridiculous". That is the typical Republican response when looking at the future. The Republican Platform will call for more drilling, more refineries and more coal production because the Republican Party can not see the future, they want to cling to the past. Both Major Political Parties must realize the importance of ushering in a fossil free age. The Era of Fossil Fuels has served the civilization for the past 100 years, but that era has died. The Fossil fuel era must be put into the history books and America must embark on a new era of renewable,sustainable, alternative energy and once again become the world leader in a vision of the future.

The Republicans would like you to believe that it can't be accomplished, that we can't possibly run our Country on the resources provided for us by Nature. The Government has the obligation to start us on the road to this new era. Immediate funding and regulations should be established to transform every government owned building throughout the Nation into a self sustaining energy unit. Yes Mr. Republican, it can be done. It should be done, and it must be done. The Congress should act now to prepare legislation that will mandate every government building be energized and heated and cooled by wind, solar and geothermal. Think of the size of roofs on Government buildings, solar panels, with windmills and a geothermal heating and cooling system is within the technological realm of the alternative energy systems available. As government contracts are awarded for the various buildings, companies will compete by developing even more innovative and efficient systems so that they may win the bids to convert these buildings. As the Technology is improved exponentially Corporations will see the benefits of converting their buildings to alternative energy systems and more jobs will be created.

A concerted effort to fund the transformation of our fossil fuel economy will benefit America on many fronts. It will create jobs, it will stimulate the economy, it will leave us with cleaner air, cleaner water and a healthier population. Every time we burn fossil fuels we are burning money. Renewable energy will keep money in the economy and will cause an economic growth unprecedented in the History of America.

The Republican Party with their current Spokesman, John McCain are a party of the past, a party that wants to use every drop and every ounce of fossil fuel because that is the future money that they are counting on to keep the wealthy in the fossil fuel industries from losing their wealth. But even T.Boone Pickens, a lifelong Republican and a lifelong oilman realizes that the Fossil Fuel Energy is Dead. Let's bury it and begin the birthing of an energy policy that will breathe new life into the American Dream. The Government has an obligation according to our founding documents to provide for the common good, the common good is a fossil free energy policy.
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