Friday, July 25, 2008

House Judiciary Hearings - Impeachment

Under Committee Chairman John Conyers (D Mich) the House Judiciary Committee held hearings today on the case for impeaching President Bush and Vice President Cheney. Although the Chairman admonished the audience that this was not an impeachment hearing Representative Dennis Kucinich (D OH) laid out enough evidence to move the proceedings to an impeachment hearing. However, the Republicans on the Committee suggested that political disagreements were not grounds for impeachment. Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) stated that the hearings were nothing more than anger management and severed no purpose.

Although more evidence of impeachable crimes were presented than at any other hearing to date, it still seems as if the Democratic Leadership has directed the Committee Chairman not to let the hearings delve to far into the crimes of this Administration that are definitely impeachable. The Democratic questions aimed at anchoring future Presidents while ignoring the obvious impeachable crimes of the current Administration. The hearing was on its face a hearing about executive power and the constitutional limitations of the executive. In exploring this subject it should be obvious to anyone that the current Bush Cheney Administration has more than stretched the limits of the Constitution and impeachment hearings are justified.

The Democratic Leadership insists that time is too short to pursue impeachment. Is there a time limit on Executive Abuse of the constitution. Millions of dollars and thousands upon thousands of investigative hours were spent on the impeachment of William Clinton for crimes that did not directly affect the running of the Nation. Yet, The Democrats now feel that it is not worth the effort to protect the Constitution. What a shame.

Yes, Congress should be focusing on a cohesive, sustainable, alternative energy policy, and on correcting thew abuses of the financial industry and correcting the bankruptcy bill, but there are over 500 members shouldn't they be doing all of these things and still be able to impeach an Executive Branch that has trampled the Constitution even before they took control and have continued to ignore the powers of the Presidency as provided for by the Constitution?
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