Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Iraq Demands Withdrawal

As the Iraq Government sends their National Security Advisor Mouwaffak al-Rubaie out to the media to proclaim that Iraq will not sign another "Security Agreement" with the United States unless it contains a timetable for U.S. troop withdrawals the Pentagon announced the death of another U.S. Soldier. The Republican Bush Administration is planning on 59 permanent bases in Iraq and has even spent billions of U.S. Citizen dollars constructing them.

The Country that the Bush Cheney Administration told the Nation that would welcome our soldiers with flowers and candy as liberators now want them out. The Republican Bush Administration promised the American People that the "war" in Iraq would be paid for with oil profits from Iraq. Not one dollar has been paid with Iraqi oil, and the Republican Bush Administration has not even sought repayment from the current Iraqi Government.

The mission in Iraq was supported wholeheartedly by Senator McCain, he supported the invasion to overthrow the Iraqi Government and strip the Country of weapons of Mass Destruction. After Thousands of U.s. Troops were maimed and killed it was announced that the Country of Iraq did not have any weapons of Mass Destruction and none could be found. The Administration then changed the reason for the invasion to a mission of bringing Democracy to the region even though the People of that Country did not express interest in Western Style Democracy, Senator McCain supported that mission. Then there was the "Surge", the highly touted increase of U.S. Troops which would bring the insurgency under control. With great fanfare the Bush Administration claimed that the "surge" had worked and Senator McCain supported that effort even though it was reported that U.S. Payments to insurgency groups is the reason that attacks on U.S. Troops were lessened.
In examining the Iraq fiasco, the American People must never forget the lies that the Republican Administration along with the blessings of a Republican controlled Congress and a silent Democratic minority expounded. With the wounds of 9/11 fresh, this Republican Administration told the American People that Iraq was the enemy and they had weapons of mass destruction with which to attack the U.S and other Nations, even though at that time there was effective U.N. sanctions that didn't even allow the Iraqi Air force to fly over two-thirds of their own Country. The Only Weapon s of Mass Destruction that Iraq ever possessed were those sold to it by the American Corporation, Searle, which was represented by Donald Rumsfeld at the time of the sale.
The lies continued even after no weapons were found. Bush declared "victory" in another battle against the terrorists, even though Iraq had no relationship to the terrorists, most of the 9/11 suspects were Saudis, not one was from Iraq. Saddam Hussein was a secularist, he hated the religious fanatics, he did not support them, but the Bush, McCain Republican Party told the People of the US different lies.

The Country of Iraq has absorbed thousands of U.S. lives, millions of gallons of U.S. Blood, and buildings full of money from the U.S. Treasury. Iraq was once the world's second largest producer of oil, it now barely produces since the American occupation. The Iraqi Government does not intent to "repay" America with oil or anything else. The Iraqi Government wants the U.S. out, while the Republican Administration with the blessings and support of Senator McCain and Senator Lieberman want us to stay. Senator McCain can not be trusted to be the President of the United States because he supported every lie told to the American People about Iraq and along with Senator Lieberman still embraces the lies that are killing American Soldiers and wasting American Treasure.
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