Monday, July 7, 2008

McCain Economic Plan

Sen. McCain released his Economic Plan today with great fanfare saying that his plan will save America in four years. The cornerstone of the McCain Plan is a continuation of the Bush Administration rhetoric. McCain touts, oil drilling, and coal mining as an answer to the energy problem. In his speech McCain stated that we are in the current situation because of the lack of planning by political leaders of 30 years ago.

Obviously Mr. McCain does not know that 30 years ago then President Clinton gave a major speech about alternative, sustainable, renewable energy and was shot down by the Republican party. The small amount of funds that the Carter Administration was able to get into the Federal Government Budget was cut by the succeeding Republican Reagan Administration.

The Republican Party has consistently shown that their long term energy plan is to suck every drop of oil and every ounce of coal out of the earth, and McCain agrees. His mantra of more drilling is not a solution it is a continuation of the horrors of a fossil fuel economy.
In order for the American Economy to grow there must be an Energy Revolution that will move America into the Energy future and will produce jobs, grow wages, improve health, lower pollution and preserve the earth for succeeding generations.

There is a lot more wrong with the McCain Economic Plan than the Energy Provision but just taking this one issue it is clear that McCain does not have a vision or the innovative ideas that are needed to re-direct the Nation back to the right track.
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