Friday, July 18, 2008

McCain Fears Obama Reception

While Senator Obama was locked in a heated primary race with Senator Clinton, Senator McCain was hitting the stump with criticism of Senator Obama for not going to Iraq. In fact the McCain Campaign even put up a counter on the Web Site which added how many days it has been since Senator Obama went to Iraq. So now the Obama Campaign has announced a rather extensive foreign tour which will include Iraq and Afghanistan. The McCain Campaign reaction? They have already started putting out propaganda that the Obama trip is campaigning on foreign soil and that heartland America will not take kindly to Senator Obama drawing massive crowds in European Countries. They have even gone so far as to claim that McCain goes overseas for fact finding mission even though they have used film clips of McCain in Iraq and Mexico and Israel in their campaign ad spots.

It seems that the McCain Campaign is very worried that Senator Obama will receive a welcoming reception throughout the world. The McCain Campaign will try to frame the Obama reception as proof that foreigners would vote for Obama, so therefore Americans shouldn't. Senator McCain has pitched himself as an expert on foreign policy, yet he doesn't even know that there are two countries now, The Czech Republic and Slovakia.

McCain fancies himself to be a Military Expert, therefore he does not want the American People seeing Mr. Obama given a welcoming reception by the U.S. Military personnel. Mr. McCain was wrong on Iraq no matter how they try to present it now, Senator McCain was one of the George W. Bush cheerleaders during the run up to the War. McCain was one of the spokespersons for the war who claimed that the Iraqi Oil would pay for it, that the troops would be greeted as liberators, and that it would be a quick and painless war that would keep America safer. Mr. McCain was wrong on all counts just as the Bush/Cheney Republican Administration has been wrong on all counts. The last thing the McCain wants to see is Obama getting on with the Troops and relating to them and receiving a welcome reception from the Iraqi People.

Although the McCain Campaign would like to present their Candidate as an elder statesman, he is far from that. Remember that Mr. McCain was the United States Senator who was signing Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Iran to the tune of BarbaAnn.

A successful and well received trip by Senator Obama will show that he is capable of dealing with the rest of the International Community.
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