Wednesday, July 23, 2008

McCain Ideas As Old As Coal

Today John McCain announced another policy that his Administration would pursue if elected President. John McCain committed to spending 2 Billion dollars a year every year to develop clean coal technology. What an obsolete idea. Senator McCain reflects the ideas of the past. Fossil Fuels are a dead energy source. Any investment in Energy should be in sustainable, renewable, alternative energy, not in providing more money to the fossil fuel industry. Mr. McCain of course would rather support the fossil fuel industry because it is loaded with lobbyists who contribute to the RNC and the McCain Campaign. Yesterday he said he would rather win a war than win a campaign, and accused Senator Obama of the opposite.

What Senator McCain fails to realize because of his antiquated thoughts is that the war we must win as a Nation is the war of running our economy on fossil free fuel sources. A forward looking Energy Policy does not include any fossil fuels or the enhancements of fossil fuel burning. What the Nation needs is a new direction, a direction that Senator McCain can't even comprehend let alone implement. a future for our Nation.

Senator McCain thinks he is funny by telling audiences that Senator Obama is Doctor No because he doesn't support the archaic ideas of furthering the development of fossil fuels, the energy of the past, and doesn't support more nuclear power, the most dangerous and costly way to energize our Nation. The Truth Senator McCain is that you live in the past and as a Nation we need leadership for the future. Yes Senator McCain would like the Nation to continue on the road of the past because the money he receives is from the lobbyists who represent the fossil fuel industry and the nuclear industry. We do not need spent nuclear waste and recycling nuclear waste throughout the Nation to produce energy when clean efficient sustainable alternative energy can be developed for less than the costs of the 45 nuclear plants that McCain has proposed. Just as the fosill fuel era is dead, so are the ideas of the Senator McCain and the Republican Party.
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