Saturday, July 26, 2008

The McCain Surge

Lately it seems as if John McCain is running solely or his role or supposed role in supporting The Surge in Iraq. It seems McCain is mystified that Barack Obama said that knowing the facts today he still would not have voted for the Surge. John McCain seeing the world with blinders still does not understand that a majority of the American People want not want the war in Iraq, and continues to think that it is a waste of blood and treasure. Polling Data from shows a significant majority of Americans opposed to the continued occupation of Iraq, that is why Senator Obama was able to secure his current position as the presumptive Democratic Nominee. The Majority of Democrats choose Senator Obama over Senator Clinton because of Mrs. Clinton's Iraq War positions in supporting the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq.

What Senator McCain fails to see is that Americans are in a financial depression and do not understand the vast amount of Out resources spent on an invasion and occupation that does not befit the United Sates in any way. Saddam Hussein was contained and ostracized from the International Community, and never exhibited any alliances with al-Qaeda. Senator McCain keeps stating the Bush Mantra of "fight them over there instead of here", which is a great slogan that one of their Political Public Relations men thought up, but it is meaningless. The Iraq led by Saddam Hussein did not harbor al-Qaeda, Hussein ruled as a secular dictator and did not tolerate subversion, al-Qaeda would not have been able to survive in the Hussein Iraq. In fact there is never a mention of al-Qaeda in Iraq until after the U.S. invasion and prolonged occupation of Iraq.

Senator Obama has recently stated that a 16 month timetable would be a reasonable draw down time to remove our troops safely from this catastrophe caused by the Republican Bush Cheney Administration. An Administration that had their spokespeople all over the media proclaiming that the incursion into Iraq would be over in as little as 6 months, and that the Iraqi People would greet us as liberators, and that the costs of the incursion would be repaid by Iraqi Oil Revenues. On this date, July 26, 2008 every American knows that none of those statements were true. The Iraqi Prime Minister has also spoken about having American Troops out in 16 Months, The Bush Administration has always maintained that if the Iraqis wanted the U.S. to leave that we would leave. It sounds as if the Prime Minister is asking us to leave Mr. McCain.

In criticizing Obama, McCain says the only way that withdrawal is possible is because of the Surge, but how could he know that? At the beginning of The Surge, the main army that was causing the chaos was paid to have a cease fire, this might have something to do with the recent Security Progress since The Surge, but no one will ever know, and it is not significant. What is significant is that American was dragged into an illegal invasion and occupation by a Republican Administration with the same ideals and world view as John McCain, Republican.

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