Friday, July 11, 2008

Mental Recession?

On July 10 Former Senator Phil Gramm, one of John McCain's top economic advisers said that the economic slowdown was a "metal recession" and said that the United States was a "nation of whiners". This is indicative of the McCain campaign and their concern for the American People. This is a campaign that only is concerned with the Corporations and the super wealthy. This is not the first ridiculous comment by the McCain Economic Advisers, Carly Fiorina said on a National Cable news show "Morning Joe" that "gas prices had no effect on the economy".

This magnificent economic team that Mr. McCain has assembled is a reflection of the direction that a McCain Administration will take if elected. The McCain Administration will surely be filled with the wealthy that will insure that their fortunes are not lost in the current recession/depression fostered by the Republican Bush Cheney Administration that the McCain Administration will continue.

If Mr. Gramm can not see the adverse affects that the policies of the Republican Bush Cheney Administration has wrought upon the average American family from the windows of one of his mansions, then it is time to get out of his chauffeured driven car and walk the streets of any American city. On the streets of any American City, Mr. Gramm will see the empty stores that eight years ago had flourishing family run businesses occupying them. Maybe he should stand at the checkout line of a supermarket, just in case Mr. Gramm is so far out of touch, a supermarket is a place where American People purchase food, and see the choices that Americans have to make now that food has risen so drastically that they can not purchase all that they were able to only four years ago.

Ms. Fiorina should spend a day at a gas pump and let the drivers know that the price of gas has no effect on their economic well being, and if they have to decide on buying gas to get to work or food that it really doesn't matter to the economic health of the Country.

Is America ready for another Administration that caters to the Corporatist and the Super wealthy, if so, then the McCain Economic Team will serve them well.
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