Sunday, July 20, 2008

More From Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki

In the interview with Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki by Mathias Müller von Blumencron and Bernard Zand in Baghdad for Spiegel, the following exchange occurs:

" SPIEGEL: Large parts of Iraq's assets abroad remain frozen -- and inaccessible to creditors. Now, victims of the Saddam dictatorship want that money to go towards reparations. What will happen to this money when the UN Security Council mandate for Iraq expires at the end of this year?
Maliki: We have hired several international law firms to deal with these assets. At the moment, they are protected by UN resolutions, American law and the personal commitment of President George W. Bush -- and we want this protection to remain in place after the end of UN mandate on Iraq. We consider the claims being lodged against this money to be unjustified. Iraq cannot be punished for crimes that were committed by the dictator. This is very important to us, and a key aspect of our negotiations over the future status of US troops in Iraq."

Did you catch that? "American law and the personal commitment of President George W. Bush". George Bush has given a personal commitment to the Iraqi Government for the Iraqi Funds that are frozen under International Law. How does G.W. Bush have the authority to personally guarantee the Iraqi funds?

Speaking of Iraqi Funds, the Republican Bush Cheney Administration and the promoters of the invasion and occupation said that the Iraqi Government would pay the costs associated with the American incursion into Iraq. Is the Administration currently negotiating the repayment plan, and what actuary table are they using to assign a monetary value to the dead soldiers, and what disability calculations are being used for the physically and mentally injured Military Personnel returning from this horrific occupation?

The Iraqi Government feels so confident in their Security that The Prime Minister is trying to establish trading contracts with countries such as Germany and France. Remember during the Republican Bush Cheney hyping of the invasion the American People were told, " those not with us are against us" and there was even attempted boycotts of French Products, and some brilliant Republican Congressmen even offered resolutions renaming such American Cuisine as French Fries and French Toast. With the breaking of the Iraqi Government silence it should now be clear to all Americans the idiocy of this invasion and ensuing occupation.

What has been achieved with the invasion and occupation of Iraq? The Bush Cheney Republican Administration and their Congress managed to spend America into a very deep recession, they manged to cut 6 million barrels a day from world output ( the amount Iraq was producing before the invasion) and they have managed to plunge the Middle Class American Family into an unbearable economic situation. While the American Treasure and American blood was spent in Iraq by the Republican Bush Cheney Administration, America suffered. The Republican Bush Cheney spent trillions of dollars on the invasion, occupation and rebuilding of Iraq while the American infrastructure was ignored. Iraqi Schools were built not American Schools, Iraqi Hospitals were built not American Hospitals, Iraqi roads, bridges, dams, power plants, oil refineries and pipelines were built, but not American. many of the projects of the Iraq invasion, occupation and rebuilding were no bid contracts assigned for Billions of dollars to Republican friendly Corporations with absolutely no accountability.

It will take years of investigations to determine what was paid for, how much it cost, who got the money and were the goods and services actually delivered. The point of this occupation was what exactly? To Make Iraq the 51st State? To import cheap labor for Dunkin Donuts? To sign oil contracts? It is the duty and obligation of the United States Congres and the United States Attorney General's Office to investigate the circumstances of money spent on the invasion, occupation and rebuilding of Iraq and to prosecute the contractors and Administration officials that circumvented American Law and to recover as much assets as possible. It is way past time to act, Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Reid, and Senators and Congressman.

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