Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Non Issues

The Democratic Campaign of Barrack Obama must not let the media and the right wing neo-cons drag the campaign down to a level of non issues. The statements by General Wesley Clark were personal observations that were blown into a major story by the Media. We are now in third day of dealing with the statements of General Clark, which in no way disparaged Mr. McCain. The Media seems intent on leading the American People into a quagmire of non issues to distract them from the real issues of the day.

The Democratic contender must stay focused and talk to the American People about issues. The major issues that are affecting the American Electorate are: The Economy, The Invasion of Iraq, The Cost of Energy, The Cost of Food, The Disappearance of the Middle Class, The Trampling of the Bill of Rights and the crumbling infrastructure of the United States. These are the issues that most concern the American People.

To argue who is ready to be the Commander in Chief is really nonsensical. There is not a person alive who has not already been the President who has any experience being the Commander in Chief, and there never was a new President who had the experience, it is by its nature an experience that is learned.

There are people with vision, and people who see right and wrong, and people who have new and innovative ideas on which direction to lead the Nation. This Campaign should be based on ideas, not rumors and innuendos.
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