Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Obama Shows the World Class and Dignity

Senator Barack Obama on a trip throughout the Middle East is presenting the leaders of the region with the class and dignity of a Statesman. All of Mr. Obama's appearances with world leaders seem to show that the World leaders are receiving his visits well. This is a milestone for America as well as the Senator. After eight years of a foreign policy of thuggery and bullying it is refreshing to see an American Leader show the World that America can still engage the International Community on an Academic, Intellectual and Dignified way. Hopefully, the remainder of the Senator's trip will continue on this refreshing path.

Back at home the right wing controlled media and their minions continue to downplay the success of the Obama trip along with the McCain Campaign. John McCain has been rendered obsolete by this trip. Senator Obama has shown that he is the best man to represent the United States on the World stage. The Iraqi Prime Minister expressed his intent to have American troops out of his Country within 16 months, a wish that coincides with the Obama agenda. But back at Home John McCain continues to say that he does not support the Iraqi Governments wishes, that he believes that American Troops should continue to occupy a Sovereign Nation against the wishes of the Government of that Country. This is the perfect example of why John McCain is not capable or knowledgeable enough to represent our Nation on the International stage. John McCain represents the policies of the Bush Administration, the policies that have failed our Nation and driven it into devastation over the last seven and a half years.

Senator Obama, however, has expressed interest in a policy that will further the occupation of Afghanistan, which as history has shown us is a grave error. The Soviet Union collapsed by the economic pressures associated with fighting an indigenous people in Afghanistan and the United States should not fall into this trap. President George Bush, the father, was wise enough to know during the first Iraq invasion that it is not smart to occupy a country, and he was right. Look at the catastrophe that his son has led us into in Iraq. President Bush, the father, used a policy of isolating Iraq to keep them in check on the International front, it worked well through his term and through two terms of the Clinton Administration. The proper course in Afghanistan is to either hand over the occupation to an International Force where the United Military is a minority of the force or to Internationally isolate Afghanistan closely watch their boarders and their interactions with other Nations.

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