Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Oilman Mantra

In the July 12,2008 President G.W. Bush, using the current energy price surge as an excuse, called on Congress to to take four steps to open up more oil and gas exploration as a means of dealing with the energy situation in America today. In his first point Mr. Bush stated that," For the sake of our economy and American consumers, Congress must move quickly to expand exploration". Even if more exploration was approved right this second, it would have absolutely no effect on the price of energy and it would not do anything to change the direction of the energy policy of this Country. Exploration and development of new sources of Fossil Fuels will take years to reach the market place, therefore "new"oil wells will not alleviate the current energy crisis in any way. But the real question is, why is the President not calling on Congress to enact and fully fund a program that will put America on a path towards independence from Fossil Fuels.

Just as Brazil was able to be over 90% fossil fuel free so too should America have embarked on a similar path towards sustainable renewable energy. Without a coherent, fully funded renewable energy policy America will continue to live in the past and pay dearly for the energy source of the past. The Fossil Fuel era is over, it has deserved this Nation well till about 1976, but since then America has been living in the past. The future of energy should be the American priority and the future of energy is clean, renewable, and sustainable and it relies on harvesting the wind, the water, the sun and the plants provided for by our universe.

To continue to call for expansion of the fossil fuel industry is a backward approach to the future. In order for this Nation to once again rise up and become a dominant force in leadership and innovation, the Nation as a whole must become the world wide leader in harvesting energy from the forces that surround us. America should be the world exporter in the Technology of sustainable, renewable resources. This will of course not be good for Mr. Bush's Middle east cohorts to which he pays homage and kisses in public ceremonies, nor will it be good for the American Oil industry which will owe Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney for keeping America hooked on their products, but for the Nation it will be the most historic change in our economy since the Industrial Revolution. The Republican Mantra, also preached by the Senator McCain, of drill, drill, refine, refine is a Mantra of a dying mindset that is trying to cling onto the fortunes of their past. This Mantra does not serve the American Consumers, it serves the Corporations that want to drain every last cent out of every last drop of fossil fuel. It is a policy of the past. We need lead political office holders who are interested in the Future of America.

When Mr. Bush was running for office he reminded the American that he was an "oilman". After almost eight years I don't think that Americans need to reminded of what profession Mr. Bush holds dear to his heart. The oilmen of the world are very satisfied with the policies of the Republican Bush/Cheney Administration which stood watch over the 400% increase in the price of their products since 9/11/01. But even oilmen realize it is over. Look at Mr. T. Boone Pickens, a life long oilman who is pushing wind power because he knows in his heart and mind that the Fossil Fuel Era is finished.

Now, however, it is time for the American Citizen, the American Consumer and the American Family to reap the benefits of a coherent, funded, renewable, sustainable, clean and efficient energy. The American People will eulogize the passing of the Fossil Fuel Era, and welcome into the history of civilization the New Energy Era.
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