Thursday, July 24, 2008

Repost June 2,2008 Post

Monday, June 2, 2008
Because the Deabte is raging now this is a Repost of June 2, 2008
Solutions for A Growing America - Part 1
The number one priority for the America today is of course a viable, cohesive, renewable energy policy. This Administration seems unwilling to tackle the issue of Energy Independence for America either because it will put a crimp in the profitability of the Corporations that have supported them or because they just plain don't care because they are an Administration that has always had a short term vision.
It then becomes incumbent on The Congress to lead the way and hammer out a program that will fund the research, development, installation and distribution of renewable, alternative energy. By funding research and development through American Universities and colleges, The Congress can also at the same time improve the Educational System that has fallen behind due to lack of support for the last seven plus years from the current Administration. The Congress can implement and fund programs throughout the Country that would cost a fraction of what was spent on the invasion of Iraq.
A couple of easily funded and implemented programs that The Congress can institute immediately and produce results in short order are: all government buildings should be powered by alternative energy sources, all street lights and traffic lights in America should be solar powered. Funding that would get these programs going would go a long way in producing more research and development as companies compete for the Government contracts to retrofit all Government Buildings and street and traffic lights. A program to retrofit all government owned buildings would save massive amounts of fossil fuels, ease the burden on the energy grid and produce new jobs throughout the country would would be a beginning in getting the economy working again.
The Congress either does not have the leadership to implement such easy solutions or they do not have the ambition to implement an energy policy unencumbered by the energy lobbyists. The next President will have to make this issue a number one priority, one that will be tackled in the first hundred days of a new Administration.

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