Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Special Post - McCain Attacks

In today's "town hall meetings" John McCain smarting from the well received Senator Obama overseas trip stated, "that he would rather win a war than win an election" and it seems to him that Senator Obama would rather "win an election than win a war". Wrong Senator McCain - there is no war to win, the United States illegally invaded and occupied a Soverign Nation without a viable reason. Senator Obama would like to end the illegal occupation. McCain also stated that he wants the troops to come home in honor and victory. No one has any thinks that the troops are dishornable and to imply that Senator Obma does is a blatant lie. There will be no Victory, because there was nothing to win, what exactly do you think we will win by illegally invading and occupying a Country? Senator McCain is so out of touch, isn't the Republican Party embarrassed that such an out of touch archaic political hack is their nominee to be President?
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