Saturday, August 9, 2008

Can The Democrats Try?

We are three months away from the Presidential Election. The Democrats have a slight edge in the Congress with a small majority. The American People by an eight to one margin think that the Country is headed in the wrong direction. It would seem to be an easy victory for the Democrats being that the Republicans have controlled the Government and the policies unopposed for the last eight years. The polls show otherwise. The Presidential Polls are pretty close for such an overwhelming feeling among the American People that the leadership pf the Nation has led us in the wrong direction and will continue to lead us in the wrong direction in the person of John McCain. So that leaves one to the conclusion that the Democrats have either failed to present a message of a new, realistic direction or that the American People do not have faith that the Democrats can deliver.

If the narrow margins are because the Democrats have failed to deliver a message that is realistic and offers real change, then it is up to the Democratic Members of Congress to show to the American People in legislation that a Democratic direction is the right direction. Congress should return to session and vote upon legislation that will begin programs that will seek to get all Government owned Property off of the electrical grids and onto self sustained energy sources. There are things that can be done that will save on imported oil much sooner than new drilling. Every Government Building should solicit bids to retrofit the building with self sustainable energy sources, with the goal of each bid to have every Government building being a net seller of energy back into the National Grid. Enormous amounts of oil would be saved if the Power Plants suddenly obtained new energy for distribution that would cause them to burn less fossil fuels to produce the electricity that they distribute. The American People would gain because each Government Building would become free from a monthly Electric Bill, which will save tax payer money for as long as the building functions.

Every day that Congress is in Session the Democrats should offer a new program that will benefit the American People now and in the future. There is no shortage of legislation that needs to be repealed or modified because of the last eight years of Republican legislation that has served the Corporations and not the People. Just a few glaring examples are: Energy, Cap on Interest Rates, the Bankruptcy Bill, Government Negotiation of Prescription Drug prices for Government purchased drugs, modernizing the Veterans Health Care system, making all Government Contracts subject to competitive bidding, stop giving land to fossil fuel Companies that strip American assets and then sell them back to the American People who are the rightful owners of the minerals. Stop U.S. Oil from being exported. There are years worth of work that needs to be accomplished in Congress, if the Democrats expect to make gains in November of 2008, they had better start showing that they are capable of presenting change and show leadership in accomplishing change for the American People now.

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