Friday, August 15, 2008

Democratic Platform

The Democratic Convention should present to the America People with a platform that will lay out the foundation for the future course of the Nation. With 84% of the People polled thinking that the Country is headed in the wrong direction it is a golden opportunity for the Democratic Party to present a new foundation on which to build our future as a Nation.

The Party Platform should address a major policy initiative that will put us on a course of Energy Independence with a timetable for achieving goals such as 20% of all buildings owned by all levels of government energy self sufficient within 5 years. All public lighting taken off the electric grid within 7 years and so on. Concrete funded objectives must be presented and met.

The Democrats must speak out and have a legislative agenda to limit interest rate percentages to a reasonable level such as 7% above prime. Right now financial institutions can borrow tax paper money from the Federal reserve at below 2% interest, yet they charge as much as 43% interest rates on credit cards.

The Democrats must address employment and wage levels, and present a plan that will spur on clean energy manufacturing growth.

In short the Democrats must present a Platform that outlines a map to the future and contrast that to the Republican Party Platform that clings to the past.

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