Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DNC Firey Speeches

The Democratic Convention is filled with fiery speeches but very few specifics. The Democratic National Covention should be used as a showcase for specific concrete ideas that will affect tie lives of the average person. The speeches so far although passionate are basically vague philosophical statements on policy without specifically stated what needs to be changed, how it will be changed and when it will be changed.

The Democratic Party and the Obama Campaign are missing a golden opportunity to highlight the policies that will be pursued with a Democratic President. As it stands now the American Public is being fed a diet of vague policies, personalities and partisan attacks. Saying that a McCain Administration will not benefit the Country is easy, the hard part is convincing the American People why a McCain Administration would be detrimental to the individual and what would be different with an Obama Presidency. Hopefully, over the next two nights the Democratic Party will highlight the reason and the solutions that an Obama Presidency will benefit the Nation.
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