Saturday, August 2, 2008

Drilling is A Phony Issue

The Republican talking point of Drill Here was taken up again today by President Bush. There is now a concerted effort among Republican Lawmakers, The Bush Administration, The McCain Campaign, and the right wing Murdoch Controlled press and television news to blame the Democrats for the high energy costs. The same technique that the Republican Machine has used so successfully, is again being utilized to push a Drill Here agenda, that is nothing more than a giant land grant to multi-billion dollar energy companies. People involved in oil production, government agencies, and even the President have agreed that any new exploration would take at least seven years to come to market, so therefore it will have no short term affect on the price of gasoline.

In seven years, we as a Nation, should be more than 80% on our way to powering our needs with sustainable, renewable, alternative energy and only years away from being fossil fuel free. That would be the basis of a REAL ENERGY PLAN, commit as much funding and effort towards the research, development and implementation as has been committed to the Iraq War. A massive effort to fund an energy conversion as quick;y as possible serves our Nation well. It will immediately create jobs, further education through research, it will give birth to new American factories and production, it will save the public money as all government energy bills are eliminated by wind, solar and geothermal sources. A comprehensive Energy Plan that will seek to end 90% of America's fossil fuel consumption within 12 years us the Plan that is needed, there is no need to drill.

As the Republican spin machine gets into gear think about what would benefit you most. Will granting Energy Companies more of America's remaining pristine land and water so that they may sell you more fossil fuels at the price they choose? Or would it benefit you more to see your Nation transformed into a Nation that is powered by the gifts of Nature and the renewable resources that she provides. There were many who scoffed at John Kennedy's goal to reach the moon in ten years, but with funding, research, development, manufacturing and technological advances America landed on the moon. Surely with a larger commitment of funding and a mandate that all manufactured energy equipment be made in the U.S.A., not only could will be fossil fuel free in ten to twelve years, but we could also become the world leader in alternative energy equipment and technology which would restore quality high paying jobs and even out the trade imbalance as well.

Drilling it not a plan, it is surrendering. American can win the energy war.

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