Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Future is Now

The campaigns continue to talk about oil and has prices, but not a plan to end our need to be concerned with oil and gas prices. The technology exists today to change the way we energize our life. Right now there is a Hydrogen Car Tour going across the country to demonstrate the viablility of a hydrogen powered car. The Federal Government is will to give billions of dollars in tax considerations to the dying fossil fuel industry, if this same money was given to Universities to research and develop alternative engines that run on hydrogen the industry would explode with innovation that would make such an alternatively run car a feasible alternative.

If GM and Ford would like to rise up from the ashes and become the dominant automobile players that they once were, it would behoove them to put all their efforts into alternative engines at affordable prices. Henry Ford saw a market for a reasonably priced Auto and he went after it. If Either of the dying auto manufacturers would like to rise up from the grips of death, they must embrace the future and make it the present.

Look at the technology advances in computers and the Internet in the last two decades. A laptop computer can now do more than an entire room full of computers could have done only a decade ago. The Computer industry grew because it was the future brought to the present and in order for emerging companies to grow and make their mark in the industry they had to produce an advancement that would enhance the consumer experience. The industry grew by good old fashioned competition after some seed money was doled out by the Government to Universities and research companies. The same needs to be done for energy now , so that we can have an Independent energy future.

T. Boone Pickens talks about the power of wind and producing 20 % of our electricity through wind power, here is an oil man that sees the future. With a simple program of changing every street light in America to a solar powered street light governments throughout the Nation could save billions of dollars in electricity costs and remove a sizable percentage of electricity that is produced through burning fossil fuels. With bids for thousands of contracts up for grabs, solar companies would make their products more and more innovative to win the government bids. The innovations would then be applied to factories, Schools, Commercial Properties and homes across America. Every Building that is taken off the electric grid means that much less fossil fuel that has to be burned to produce the electricity. As we burn less and less fossil fuel we insure the security and growth of our Nation.
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