Saturday, August 23, 2008

Joe Biden Democrat VP Choice

The Obama Campaign has chosen Senator Joe Biden as the Vice Presidential contender for the Democratic ticket in the upcoming election. Sentaor Biden has severed 30 years in the Senate it is not exactly a choice for change. In fact the selection of Senator Biden is not a change that we can believe in.

Senator Biden serves the State of Delaware the corporate home of many of the Nation's credit card banks, banks that are banging the middle class and poor in this Country with unrealistic credit card interest rates that can be raised based on credit scores and payment history of unrelated debtors, thanks to the Bankruptcy Bill supported by Senator Biden. Senator Biden is not a friend to the American Family but rather a Corporatist Senator who works for the Corporations based in his home State of Delaware.

Senator Biden also supported the Iraq War. If the Democrats were going to nominate a war supporter they would have been better off with Senator Clinton, at least she doesn't have the same negatives as Senator Biden in looking out for the middle class and working class of America. Senator Clinton has proved that she can rally millions of votes to her ideals, Senator Biden, in a couple of forays into the Presidential field in this and previous years has proved that he can not galvanize any widespread support. The Choice of Senator Joe Biden is very peculiar for a Campaign that has based itself on change. Senator Biden represents entrenched Washington.
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