Monday, August 25, 2008

Let The Convention Begin

Today begins the Historic Democratic National Convention that will nominate Barrack Obama as the National Standard bearer for election to the Presidency. Besides the obvious show the Democratic Party and Senator Obama must present a platform full of ideas and initiatives if they really want the public to believe that this will be a Campaign and Administration that will change the direction of Nation.

Since the Primary battles have ended Senator Obama has continued to move to the middle of the political spectrum and now appears to the public as being same old same old politician. The selection of Senator Biden as a Vice Presidential running mate only reinforces the perception that Senator Obama is only interested in getting elected and seizing the power and trappings of the Presidency. Yes, it is important to appeal to a wide spectrum of the electorate in order to get elected with the traditional voting public, however, a Campaign of Change could appeal to a majority of those who are disgusted with the staus quo and those who have never voted.

America is at a crossroads. After seven years of policies that have devastated the American Family economically and an energy policy of waste and desperation a new direction is needed. Senator Obama at one point in the Primaries seemed to be presenting this image of change, but has since failed to present the ideas that will bring this Nation into the future. The Democratic Convention has to be able to present a reasonable plan of change that will bring the Nation into the new age of energy that will transform the Nation from a Nation that burns her assets into a Nation that creates energy assets, jobs, opportunity, and economic fairness. The United States was the most economically advantaged Nation in the World before the Republican Bush/Cheney Administration policies turned us into a debtor Nation devoid of a rising middle class. The time is now, Senator Obama, it is now time for a direction that will move our Nation into the future and bring all her citizens back into the land of hope, opportunity and prosperity, this can only be achieved with a vision and plan, it will not be accomplished by clinging to and answering the past.
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