Friday, August 8, 2008

McCain Ad Lies and Fear

Today's ad from the McCain Fear Machine again tries to paint Senator Obama as a "celebrity" showing him on front of applauding crowds and with media. Then the Lies begin, the Ad staes that Obama would raise middle class taxes, raise taxes on Seniors and raise taxes on Familes and small businesses. All lies. The Obama Plan actually calls for lowering taxes on all of the above and raising taxes on those making over $250,000. While the screen shows the printed words the video shows a mother with children, a Senior , a florist with the lies superimposed over them, and then "Painful". Calling the Obama plan painful towards the America People.

The reality is that the Bush Administration Tax and economic plans supported by Mr. McCain, and endorsed by Mr. McCain is what has caused the most painful 8 years for the American Family since the Great Depression. The McCain Plan would continue the Bush doctrine of cutting Corporate taxes and taxes for the wealthy, the same policies that have caused the devastation of the Middle Class, the Financial Crisis, the Housing and Mortgage Crisis, and the Energy Crisis. Mr. McCain admitted at the beginning of this arduous process that he did not know much about Economics, his economic advisers advised the American People that the price of gas has no effect on the economy and that the recession was all in their heads.

The McCain Campaign now sees their chance to obtain votes by instilling fear in the American People. Let us resurrect the spirit of a Great Democratic President and recall his words, " The Only Thing we have to fear is fear itself". The Republicans use fear as a policy, and the current McCain Ad resoundingly emphasises this Republican Policy of Fear. What the American People truly have to fear is another fixed election and another four years of the Republican Policies that have destroyed the Middle Class, swelled the ranks of those living in Poverty, and fostered the closing of thousands of small businesses. The Only Fear that is real in American is the fear of another four years of Republican Policies that cater to the Corporations and the Super Wealthy with no regard to the costs of living for the American Family.
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